Staying Sane

One of the things I’ve found most important to my well-being as a writer is physical activity.


No, really. It’s true. As someone who has always been reasonably active, not being so quickly makes me not so much fun to be around. I get cranky and feel house-bound to say the least.

So like most days during this Camp NaNoWriMo for July, I’m heading out for a run. I won’t be breaking any speed or endurance records (not that I’d ever be looking at that anyway!) but I will be loosening all those muscles that tend to tighten up when I’m spending prolonged periods at my keys. It’s not just the shoulder and back either. For me it’s hamstrings, quads and calves too. They’ve always been prone to cramping if I get too slack.

Swimming is my preferred way to blow of steam and recharge my batteries. But, given that we’re in the middle of school holidays and my daughter is less than enthused over the prospect of going for a dip in the middle of winter, a run will have to suffice.

Progress on my novel is going well. I’ve been averaging about 2 000 words per day, but with my plan to write strictly off the top of my head, that’s not too difficult a task. I’m on track to end the month with around about 62 000 words, which I hope will be close to a complete vomit draft.

Only then will the real work begin!


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